Our Web Design Process

296Before we start your project, we basically sit down one on one with you and your team. We will go through what you want as a website. We’ll discuss all the features you want in your sites. We will discuss the date you need your site, the features you want, the titles you want to use, the pricing, the gallery, and finally the price you are paying for your project. We will show you examples we have in our portfolio and what colors you want to use. We will discuss if you need a domain name and hosting. If you don’t have any one of these, don’t worry we will set you on our server for a minimal fee. We will discuss how we are building your site either by email or phone, we will let you know where we are at, we will provide you support all the way. So complete the form below and let’s get started.

Client Company Profile

1. Client full name:

2. Name of Client business:

3. Client company slogan:

4. Client company email:

5. Client company phone:

6. Client website/domain:

7. Client company address:

8. Twitter account:

9. Facebook account:

10. Pinterest account:

11. LinkedIn account:

12. YouTube account:

13. Any other social media account(s):

Company Details

1. What does Client business do?

2. When was Client company established?

3. Number of employees/staff:

4. Describe the products/services you sell.

5. What is Client typical customer like?

6. What is Client target audience?

7. If Client primary customers/clients are local, what surrounding cities are you targeting?

8. What are Client top 3 frustrations with Client current website?

9. What do you like most about Client current website?

10. What do Client current competitors website have that you aspire to? Provide links if possible.

11. What makes you stand out apart from Client competitors?

12. Name 3 things that are most important about the design of Client new website.

13. Name 3 things that is least important in the design of Client new website.

14. Do you have any color preferences, existing brand colors, and/or colors you do/not wish to include?

15. Please provide us with 3 websites that you like.

16. Will this be an e-commerce website? Will you be selling any products or taking payments on Client website? If so, how are you accepting payments?

17. Do you have all images that you would like to be included in Client website or would you like the designer to use images where appropriate?

18. If Client site is already registered and hosted, please provide us with the “cpanel” login credentials. If you do not have one or don't know that this is, no problem.

Other Details

1. Deadline, timing or exact date of completion for Client website (rush delivery fee of $300 applies if less than 30 days, otherwise ignore):

2. Is Client logo and other images web ready? Or do you need a new logo? If so, please explain what you would like (color, shape or any other descriptions):

3. Do you need a copywriter? If you are using existing copy on Client current website, will it need to be modified in any way?

Keyword Research

1. Do you have access to Client Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools? If so, please provide us with Client login credentials:

2. If you do not have one, please let us know what email address you would like to use as the primary account:

3. What keywords do you *think* you should be ranking for? I.E. Use as many descriptive PHRASES as possible to describe Client business and what you do.

4. Please attach any supporting files you wish.

Please type in the code you see below: